WRK3029R3 Azure Active Directory Security Identity Management

WRK3029R3 Secure and manage your identities with Azure Active Directory. With identity as the control plane, you can have greater visibility and control over who is accessing your organization’s applications and data and under which conditions. This workshop gives you hands-on experience with Azure Active Directory, a universal identity platform for you to keep your employees and external users productive and secure, while staying compliant and protecting against threats. Come learn how to build and deploy risk-based access policies, seamlessly connect users to all their apps, manage guest users as easily and securely as your own employees, and more! Be prepared to return home and become an identity and access management hero for your organization.

BRK3110 Azure Active Directory Identity Security Governance

BRK3110 Winning strategies for identity security and governance. In this Azure Active Directory Identity Security Governance training session, learn how the key to successful identity management is moving towards an identity-centric security strategy. Think about a few things: cybersecurity incidents make news regularly these days and also by the way the rampant, frequent attacks have become more complicated for organizations to keep up with as well as more sophisticated. In spite of high spending on security solutions and resources this increase exists so if you are to pretend you are a bad actor you could think of the attacks you may tend to be most likely to face. So then you can guard against them to the best of your ability. Learn some winning strategies for effective identity management with Azure Active Directory.