WRK2005 – High speed Azure blockchain Training: Tips and tricks

WRK2005 – High speed blockchain: Tips and tricks for high productivity w/Azure Blockchain Service and Visual Studio Code

This high speed Azure blockchain Training technical lab is focused on how to leverage the tooling and services that Microsoft has built that enable faster creation of blockchain applications. The lab focuses on introducing the the toolset and allows attendees to get hands on and build a decentralized application. The application showcases how to get started, through compilation, debugging, testing and deploying the application both locally for developer productivity and remotely for integrated development flows. The application is built using Solidity, Ethereum and Quorum technologies.

BRK3011 – Real-world Azure blockchain service training real-world

BRK3011 Real-world blockchain: Trust and transparency at blazing speed with Azure Blockchain Service.

The important trust and transparency of blockchain is reducing the friction and cost of sharing workflows across organizational boundaries. From Starbucks’ supply chain to J.P. Morgan’s interbank payments, our biggest customers are partnering with Azure to build new, industry-shaping utilities.

Azure Blockchain Service can be the enterprise foundation for building this new class of multi-party apps. Customers choose Azure Blockchain Service because it provides the confidentiality they need without sacrificing the speed, throughput and integration to existing SaaS, services, and data that they expect from Azure. Learn all about new Azure Blockchain features, developer experience, and additional ledger support in the context of real-world customer scenarios. In this demo-heavy session, see how businesses are using the technology and how developers can go further, faster using Azure Blockchain.