On Friday, December 4th, 2020, you will no longer be able to force the Classic View.

Microsoft is shifting to their new Unified Interface, and as of December 4, 2020, the Classic View will no longer be available. What does that mean for you?

This change will affect anyone who uses Dynamics 365 apps, such as Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service. This new Unified Interface for model-driven apps will provide a consistent feel and convenient user experience across devices. Microsoft’s aim with this change is to provide an improved performance with a modern interface.

If you’ve already made the switch, but find yourself toggling back to the Classic View, now is the time to learn the new Unified Interface. On Friday, December 4th, you will no longer be able to force the Classic View. If you haven not yet made the switch, Microsoft will automatically transition your environment or organization to the Unified Interface. The transition will be applied by geographic location in alignment with a typical update cycle.

Microsoft does not expect any downtime during the transition process, but you must confirm that your environment is compatible.

Below are some important differences to note:

As previously mentioned, the option to view in Classic Mode instead of the new Unified Interface will no longer be an option.

turn off unified interface view dynamcs 365 training 2020 2021 dynamics edge

Entity navigation will move from the top of your screen to the left-hand side of your screen:


Dynamics 365 CRM Classic View Training Consulting 2021 Dynamics Edge


Dynamics 365 CRM Unified Interface View Training Consulting 2021 Dynamics Edge

You may find it difficult to navigate the new Unified Interface as a whole or find that your usual tabs are nowhere to be found. As with any forced roll-out, there could be some inevitable issues that arise.

Dynamics Edge can help train you and your entire team on the new Unified Interface, so you can quickly get back to being productive.

Contact us today to find out more information.

Build Agile Business Processes

Did you know that more than half of companies in the Fortune 500 in 2000 are now gone?

As the business landscape is constantly changing, your business needs agile, modern processes in order to keep up and stay ahead. So if your company fails to embrace change or transform quickly, the threat of failure is real. Unpredictability (like a global pandemic) and digital technologies like the cloud and artificial intelligence are accelerating change exponentially.

Below are a few ways your company can adapt to streamline and automate your business and become more efficient.

  1. Modernize by replacing or upgrading your legacy apps and platforms. This will offer greater resiliency and will also allow you to optimize IT performance to reduce backlogs and respond more quickly and accurately. Upgrading to modern platforms also allows you to unify data and reduces time and overall costs.

  2. Build a productive remote workforce and empower your team to work effectively from anywhere. Now more than ever it is vital to your organization to connect employees with the best modern virtual work experience. Automating workflows and integrating apps will help you improve productivity and streamline your business processes. Ensuring security on remote devices will keep every member of your team compliant and safe.

  3. Build a resilient supply chain by utilizing intelligent tools to improve manual processes. Enhance end to end visibility of your supply chain and construct agile planning and distribution procedures. Intelligent automation workflows allow you to optimize everyday tasks between your favorite services and apps. You can collect and analyze data and get notified of important impacts to your business.

Low-code platforms, like Microsoft Power Platform, enable anyone, regardless of their experience, to construct custom apps to help their ideas come to fruition. They offer a visual approach, which allows you to adapt quickly and drive efficiency.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic (and still even now) many business leaders were uncertain as to how they and their customers would be affected and unprepared for how to navigate this unpredictable terrain.
If you haven’t already, the time to transform is now. Technologies that are designed to weather any storm and help you adapt are available and Dynamics Edge can train you and your team on how to use them. View our class schedule or contact us today to get started.