BRK2247 Configure, don’t create: How Microsoft automated its own complex business processes with Dynamics 365 and AI

BRK2247 Configure, don’t create: How Microsoft automated its own complex business processes with Dynamics 365 and AI. Join Microsoft Core Services Engineering and Operations (CSEO)—the experts who build, deploy and operate the systems that run Microsoft—to learn how they automated complex business processes and transactions with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and Microsoft Bot Framework, with AI at the heart of this solution. They’ll give you a peek into their project COSMIC (Customer Obsessed Solution Management and Incident Care) —a contract and transaction-case management solution—that will inspire you to automate your own complex business processes and take full advantage of out-of-the-box Dynamics 365 functionality. They’ll even share COSMIC with you—available now on Microsoft AppSource.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Preview for Customer Insights Training

As of September 2018 Dynamics 365 AI is still in preview but you can choose Dynamics Edge to find out more about what Dynamics 365 AI and Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights custom training with Dynamics Edge can do to improve you and your enterprise’s skills with Dynamics to achieve a better return on your investment in Microsoft products. Custom Dynamics 365 ERP Training, Licensing, Solutions and more are all a big part of your next move to become one of the many companies who have found success by moving to the Dynamics 365 cloud with Dynamics Edge.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Artificial Intelligence Customer Insights Training Solutions Consulting Dynamics Edge

Migrating to the cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365’s enterprise resource platform (ERP) including Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a strategic and intelligent decision that helps ensure the long-term health of your enterprise! Contact Dynamics Edge now to learn of efficiency goals that enterprises and organizations across a very diverse spectrum of sizes and industries have achieved by implementing a new cloud instance of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s ERP.

In the recent Microsoft Business Forward event, leading Australian organizations have been recently accelerating their digital transformation together with Microsoft using Dynamics 365 AI and Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights. Dynamics Edge is excited to see how so many organizations across industries, from healthcare services enterprises to communications and technology providers, to companies providing foods, are all building integrated systems of intelligence. Dynamics 365 SaaS Training from Dynamics Edge is also helping you to learn more about how Microsoft has deployed among the first Dynamics 365 SaaS solutions to be used in many high impact level machine learning and AI scenarios. Learn more by contacting or calling Dynamics Edge to find out what Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights and Dynamics 365 AI Training courses can do for you!

Dynamics 365 AI Machine Learning Training

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Training and Dynamics 365 Machine Learning Training are available with Dynamics Edge.

Dynamics 365 AI Machine Learning Training Dynamics Edge
Dynamics 365 AI Machine Learning Training Dynamics Edge

Dynamics Edge offers premium quality training for Dynamics 365 AI Machine Learning. For instance, Dynamics Edge offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales App Training, as well as the new October 2018 release of Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With Dynamics Edge training you can get certified in cloud AI and advanced analytics to get your data science profile in Dynamics 365 updated to be a star in the modern Dynamics 365 industry. Some of the certifications include MCSA: Machine Learning. Earn a Microsoft Machine Learning MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) certification and get started with building your professional data science career in Data Analytics and Machine Learning!

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Use the above link to start the process, if you are taken to a webform with a pre filled message, please fill out and submit the webform first to see current Dynamics 365 AI training offerings and start the process for requesting a Dynamics Edge Dynamics 365 AI Training course. This MCSA certification shows the world your premium competency in operationalizing and revolutionizing the Microsoft Windows Azure Big Data and Machine Learning with SQL R Services, R Server and Machine Learning.

Earning your MCSA in Machine Learning shows relevant knowledge in for Data Analysts and Data Scientists involved in machine learning. The certification is also the first step to becoming an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) in Data Management and Analytics. It is very much targeted to those who analyze and process bulk data sets using the Azure cloud services as well as R Server to deploy and build intelligent enterprise-level solutions for the modern day.

Check out frequently, because the truth is, new Dynamics 365 AI Training offerings are added and updated very frequently by Dynamics Edge. Whether you are seeking out how to improve your modern proficiency in ML Server, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Windows Azure Machine Learning, Apps and Bots, Chat Bots, AI, or any other kind of cloud specialty related to Microsoft Windows Azure and Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you have found the right place. Dynamics Edge’s instructor-led Microsoft Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence Training (AI) and Dynamics 365 Machine Learning Training gets you the skills you need in 2018 and beyond, including for the most recent October 2018 new Dynamics 365 for AI.

Whether you are looking for a Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp, for Advanced R courses, for Power BI development, for an introduction to R and Data Visualization, Python for Data Analysis, Azure ML (Machine Learning), Forecasting and Trend Analytics, Big Data Analysis with the Microsoft AI (Artificial Intelligence Platform), or looking for something much more than this, Dynamics Edge has the right custom courses for you.

Strategically use Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI to predict outcomes, forecast events and make the right enterprise-level business decisions at the highest levels. Gain an edge and competitive advantage using actionable and immediate insights to drive business optimization.

Dynamics 365 A.I. gives you the chance to build relationship insights, customer insights, organization insights, and much more. Get key metrics and data to drive new and innovative business decision making. Leverage computational learning theory, with modules like Cognitive Services and AI for Azure, to transform your business data into real practice with actual machine learning and artificial intelligence driven decisions. Use it to drive marketing and organizational level decisions with things like call sentiment analysis, tweet sentiment analysis, building a smart customer service desk with Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI, and other more advanced techniques.

Also keep in mind Microsoft AI platform training. Architect and build intelligent and customized applications and API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) for organization high availability (HA), and for compliance and security. Developers and software engineers can rapidly consume very high-level finalized services that actually accelerate AI solutions development using Microsoft AI platform. You can use this link to request custom Microsoft AI Platform Training from Dynamics Edge to improve your Microsoft AI skills.