MLS1036 ISV Development Enterprise

MLS1036 Kickstart your enterprise and ISV development with ready-to-use components and controls.

Microsoft 365 is a huge opportunity for all developers to easily reach out to millions of enterprise customers to provide them solutions and services. Microsoft is supporting you on this journey of creating impactful solutions by providing numerous different reusable services and components, which simplifies the development and adoption of Microsoft 365 services. If you develop for Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, we can significantly increase your productivity by providing you ready-to-use controls and countless samples. In this interview, we talk about the SharePoint PnP initiative, what it provides and how the model is extending to other services.

THR2012 Azure DevOps for Power Platform ISVs

THR2012 Azure DevOps for Power Platform ISVs: Automate ISV solution deployments and release regular upgrades and patches to all customers concurrently. It has been widely anticipated from some time to have Azure DevOps PowerApps build tools and now you can have them. In case that you are a Microsoft ISV partner, there is some ability now to automate in a good way and efficiently the deployment of regular patches/updates to all of your customers concurrently and simultaneously in a dream like fashion in reality. Microsoft ISVs can utilize PowerApps Build Tools for Azure DevOps.

As a Microsoft Power Platform or Microsoft Dynamics 365 ISV professional, you may have considered DevOps for projects you worked on, whether ISV solution or another solution liek CDS or D365 solution. Learn how to build some cool, fully automated concurrent deployments of your own ISV solutions to all of your customers directly onto their environments in such easy ways using Azure DevOps Pipeline and some correct ways to set it up.