BRK2224 Power Apps top 10 PowerApps Low Code

BRK2224 Power Apps top 10: Major new capabilities that are shaping the future of low code.The truth is that low-code app development is evolving very fast. Microsoft Power Apps (PowerApps from Power Platform) is leading the way in the market. There is an incredible momentum in the platform – with top new features recently released that are already expanding what’s possible for citizen developers and professional developers as well. Whether this is starting from AI spanning through PowerApps Portals, you can learn the major innovation areas that are happening now in Power Apps (PowerApps) as well as how you can utilize these features to transfrom your digital organization today.

BRK2197 Microsoft Power Platform simplify firstline business processes

BRK2197 Simplify your firstline business processes by leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform to let them work less, and achieve more.Reimagine the employee experience with the powerful, intuitive and secure tools of Microsoft 365. Learn how to leverage the capabilities of Microsoft Power Apps (powerapps) , Microsoft Flow, and Power BI within Microsoft Teams to equip their firstline workers to be more skilled, empowered, and ready to serve customers and provide visibility to their leaders.

THR2178 Adopting the Microsoft Power Platform in the enterprise

THR2178 Adopting the Microsoft Power Platform in the enterprise. More and more large organizations with complex missions are connecting siloed data, as well as engaging customers, and driving ROI with amazing custom solutions on Power Platform — Microsoft Power Apps or PowerApps, Power BI, Microsoft Flow and the Common Data Service (CDS). Mature organizations realize that rigor, discipline, and best practices are needed to truly adopt such a nimble, yet versatile, platform at scale. This session introduces the Power Platform Adoption Framework and gives an overview of its start-to-finish approach to help you and your organization get the most value out of any form of Power Platform available to you today. We also share how other enterprise organizations have scaled with large and complex needs using Power Platform and what were the tools, best practices and patterns they explored and used to become successful adopters.