SharePoint Power Automate Training July 2020

Microsoft SharePoint Power Automate Training July 2020 and August 2020 helps you learn how to automate a business process using Power Automate! Dynamics Edge’s Power Automate training courses can introduce you with overviews of Power Automate, then we can teach you with examples how to build great workflows, and how to understand administration of Microsoft Flow now known as Power Automate in 2020 very well.

SharePoint Power Automate Training August 2020 July 2020 Dynamics Edge
SharePoint Power Automate Training August 2020 July 2020 Dynamics Edge

Dynamics Edge’s Power Platform Power Automate SharePoint training gives you have many options. The business process automation (BPA) learning paths we offer in our Office 365 SharePoint Power Platform Power Automate (Flow) training courses can also help you prepare for earning the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate certification to demonstrate your skills to employers to get high paying jobs, and show the world your competency in these vakuable modern skills! Learn to implement modernized, automated workflows to integrate your favorite familiar applicaions as well as software services like OneDrive, Outlook, Office 365 and more to perform important tasks like synchronize files, automate reminder emails, take actions like modify SharePoint list items on certain conditions applying, and much more.

Quickly get unique access to the key knowledge you need for robust, automated modern business processes in Microsoft Power Automate (ormerly known as Microsoft Flow) with the Dynamics Edge Power Platform SharePoint Power Automate courses and training that help you also understand D365, Dynamics 365, CDS (Common Data Service) and many other integration options through Power BI, Power Apps (PowerApps) and more.

Acquire the expert-led training you now need to up skill and get ahead with your life and choose Power Automate training by Dynamics Edge to learn how getting more than just standard cloud or online workflows can help you win big and get more organization more productive and automated in the modern didgital era. Dynamics Edge also offers Power Automate consulting and solution development options as well in case you have a project your organization needs or solutions completed as well. Learn to do everything from basic things like how to create a folder in SharePoint through Power Automate, to much more advanced scenarios depending on your specific use case and the right fit for your learning pace, experience, and the kind of teaching that works best for you.

If you have used InfoPath or are migrating from SharePoint Designer to Power Automate we have training options that would fit such a scenario, let us know what you’d like. Rather than dial 911 or 411 or some other number, try contacting Dynamics Edge to get the right Office 365 or SharePoint Power Automate training that really gets you understanding Power Platform.

Besides enterprises or business, we offer options for government or government agencies as well. If you are a part of the United States government or are affiliated with a U.S. government agency let us know as we offer very special Power Automate Government App training, consulting, and solutions development options and packages for the U.S. Government as well!

Power Automate Training MB-404 400004 Build Your Own App

Build Your Own Power Automate Training App Flow Course Workshop MB-404 40004 Dynamics Edge

Dynamics 365 Power Automate Training Course 400004 by Dynamics Edge – and also see more Power Automate Training help you redefine your modern organization. The ultimate goal is for your business to lower development cost, gain productivity and enable your organization to better serve your customers.

You are the ultimate catalyst to make your success happen! We have developed this workshop just for you to "Build Apps!"

This custom workshop is hands-on and starts with a relevant example, then lets you Build Your Own App!

Our case-based Power Automate Dynamics 365 training workshop uses the case study method to ensure maximum impact and learning. This workshop is facilitated by a professional Power App developer to give you real-time answers when your get stuck!

Ever tried searching a lot of long hours for (and even longer watching through and actually understanding) a ton of "free" Power Automate training or tutorial videos, or ever tried poring through "free" documentation all by yourself? That may be "all well and good" – until you get stuck.

We answer questions.

Start with examples and structured lab exercises, then "drop the training wheels" and start building your own App!

Our real-world examples and templates give you a great start. Our guidance is well worth the money and you also have a wealth of videos and online resources that may make more sense after the class.

Course Outline:

Lets Get Started!

Module 1: The Power App Universe

  • Model-driven apps
  • Common Data Service
  • Common Data Model
  • Data Connectors
  • Custom connectors

Module 2: Building a Canvas App

Canvas apps
  • Generate an app automatically
  • Build an app yourself
  • Customize a sample app
  • Customize a PowerApps form
  • Connectors
  • Apply business logic
  • Controls reference
  • Formula reference
  • Share an app
  • Extend canvas apps

Module 3: Building a Model App

Model-driven apps
  • Create a Model Drive (data model structured) App
  • Understand app components
  • Create and design app forms
  • Apply business logic
  • Create and manage app views
  • Use charts
  • Use dashboards
  • Use custom controls
  • Use themes for branding
  • Share an app
  • Distribute an app

Module 3: Building A Portal App

Dynamics Portals and Portal Power Apps
  • The types of Portals
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Community
  • Partner
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Custom Portal
  • Creating a Portal App

Module 4: Common Data Service

  • The Common Data Service
  • Entities
  • Entity relationships
  • Fields
  • Apply business logic
  • Solutions
  • Security in Common Data Service

Module 5: The Power BI Service

  • Power BI, reports and brief overview about how they can be used in a Power App

Module 6: Extend canvas apps

  • Extend canvas apps
  • Custom connectors
  • Integrate into websites and other services
  • Develop offline-capable apps

Module 7: Extend model-driven apps

  • Extend model-driven apps
  • Customize entity forms
  • Customize entity views
  • Customize visualizations and dashboards
  • Apply business logic using client scripting
  • Customize commands and ribbon
  • Build custom components (Power Platform component framework)
  • Create, manage, and publish app

Module 8: Best Practices

  • Best Practices
  • Use Collections for UI Standardization
  • Have a "Loading" button
  • Use Pop-Up Information Boxes

Module 9:Power Apps Workshop

  • Course Review

MB-404 Build Your Own Power Automate App (Flow) Training

Course 400004

MB-404 Build Your Own Power Automate App (Flow)

Power Automate.

Our MB-404 Power Platform Power Automate Training Course is a hands on workshop that empowers you to build your own Power Automate App and power up your productivity. This is your Dynamics 365 Power Automate training course! For details, please contact Dynamics Edge or use this link to our course page.

Microsoft Exam PL-900 Certification Training Power Platform Fundamentals

Microsoft Exam PL-900 Certification Training: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (released November 4, 2019)

Exam PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (beta)
Candidates for this exam are users who aspire to improve productivity by automating business processes, analyzing data to produce business insights, and acting more effectively by creating simple app experiences.

This exam covers the following: Describe the Power Platform components: Power Apps, Power BI, Microsoft Flow, Common Data Service (CDS), connectors, and AI builder; describe cross-cloud scenarios with representation across Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure, and third-party services; identify benefits and capabilities of Power Platform; identify the basic functionality and business value Power Platform components; implement simple solutions with Microsoft Flow, Power BI, and AI Builder; and create a basic app in a no-code environment.

Part of the requirements for: Microsoft Certified Power Platform Fundamentals

Go to Certification Dashboard
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Exam PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (beta)
Languages: English

Retirement date: none

This exam measures your ability to understand the business value of Power Platform; understand the core components of Power Platform; demonstrate the business value of Power BI; and demonstrate the business value of Microsoft Flow (now called Power Automate).

Power Virtual Agents Training

Power Virtual Agents Training or Power Agents Training by Dynamics Edge is available now for Microsoft’s newly released November 4, 2019 no-code / low-code AI and chat bot builder. Let Dynamics Edge teach you how to increase your productivity with Power Virtual Agents.

Microsoft adds more and more features to its low-code as well as no-code Power Platform product families. Recently it was demoed at the Microsoft Ignite conference this week. There is also new branding for Power Platform we previously called Microsoft Flow training – now it is rebranded as Power Automate training and we are also calling our Flow training that as well as of now.

Power Platform is known as the collection of Microsoft Power BI for deep data analytics, PowerApps app development platform known as PowerApps and Flow now known as Power Automate, the business process automation engine for big time productivity. As of November 4 2019, Microsoft is rebranding Flow as Power Automate.

Microsoft is also now making the addition of robotic process automation (RPA) to Power Automate to help you automate repetitive tasks. This is called UI Flows, and we now have Power Platform UI Flows training on this as well.

Also, now Microsoft is introducing a really super new offering known as Power Virtual Agents which is in public preview as of November 4 2019. So Power Virtual Agents intends to empower just about anyone to build without any code needed, and even no AI training required, already out of the box intelligent bot that can respond intelligently. What this does is it in fact combines the Microsoft Azure Bot Framework technology with the current Power Platform technologies. For any of those people that want to make a more complex bot such as with our Azure Chat Bot training, there are integrations between Azure Bot Framework and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services training as well.

Microsoft Power Automate Training Courses

As of July 23, 2020, Dynamics Edge has SharePoint Power Automate training options as well as high quality Power Automate Training such as Power Automate RPA training available right now so you can learn how this valuable Microsoft technology can positively modernize your organization.

You can use the information on this page to help you make an informed decision.

article last updated July 23, 2020 (7/23/2020)

(from below this portion, article last updated 12-14-2019)

Here is the November 2019 release wave 2 overview of our Dynamics 365 training and Power Automate training (Power Platform training) and how it can benefit you and your organization in a fantastic way.

The Microsoft Power Platform Power Automate Wave 2 training offered by Dynamics Edge including Power Platform Power Automate RPA training or robrotic process automation training courses, consists of only some of what we consider to be the best ways in this modern era to help you to become empowered to to automate, analyaze, as well as take key actions on important and valuable data. You would so this in order to revolutionize and transform your businesses or organizations digitially, online or offline. Today the modernized Power Platform consists of Microsoft Power BI, PowerApps, and Power Automate formerly known as Microsoft Flow. This is very important for you to understand as you could be saving tons of money and improving your organization productivity with the new features of Microsoft Power Platform and Power Automate that we can teach you.

PowerApps 2 release wave includes our new offerings like Microsoft RPA Training or Microsoft Robotic Process Automation Training Courses in order to give power to app makers like yourself to build high quality productivity apps and automations much more easily and with finesse. Very advanced administrator management and enterprise requirements can also be fulfilled. There are a plethora of improvements and brand new features that are implemented in PowerApps and Power Platform and Power Automate. Using this knowledge we teach you in our Power Automate training and Power Platform training courses also helps you understand how to modernize current aspects of your organization to improve PowerApps maker studio as well as final end-user productivity in the Microsoft Power Platform suite including PowerApps and Microsoft Dynamics 365 training applications and use cases where you learn about the Unified Interface with our Dynamics 365 live online or in-person training courses.

PowerApps creators like yourself now can start building a really productive and brand new kind of website deployment with our Microsoft PowerApps Portals Training courses, which are courses we offer for PowerApps web portals that is a type of Common Data Service training to understand how to publish and share data in the form of a simple website portal to HR, employees, staff, or even any users outside your organizations in suchsimple easy ways!

Power Automate was previously known as Microsoft Flow and it introduces high-grade business process automation possibilities such as and including being able to manage and play with business processes while offline rather than online. Moreover the tools for administrators like Microsoft PowerShell commandlets as well as the new revamped ower Platform Admin center help you boost your productivity.

Starting now in November 2019, we are introducing Microsoft UI flows training courses. Due to all of the innovative Robotic Process Automation (RPA) possibilities inherent in the new UI flows, you can now start batching and automating a variety of tasks that may not necessarily have available API’s or any connectors to utilizem, by using a unique way to record UI (User Interface) interactions such as for example mouse clicks, as well as keyboard usage, and other data entry inputs.

Microsoft AI Builder training is our brand-new Power Platform courses that teach you all about the Artificial Intelligence capabilities for organizations with the needed business expertise to start easily automating batch processes and be able to do awesome things like initiate the prediction of outcomes that have a high positive impact on your business performance and productivity. AI Builder could be considered an innovative production grade turnkey solution that could integrate Microsoft AI through Power Platform by the easy steps of simple point-and-click usage, and is included with PowerApps and Power Automate (Power Automate was called Microsoft Flow just before November 4, 2019).

Our Microsoft Power BI Training has the potential to start simplifying the way you think about gaining data analytics and nsights from observational data as well as transactional activities and engagements. Our Power BI training courses help organizations like yours start making a new culture of data-driven decisions where staff, employees and users are able to make high-impact, positive and beneficial, responsive decisions based on effective opinions formed from facts that have high likelihood to result in an effective decision based on big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven by intuitive and unified user interfaces.

Microsoft BI Data integration provides a set of native connectivity that is in built to the Power Platform with ability to move data in and out across hundreds of line-of-business systems and applications and data sotrage modules. This empowers intelligent as well as rich user experiences and great outcomes. Microsoft Common Data Model (Common Data Service) provides a set of semantic consistency and effectiveness of deliveery standards for the usage of canonical business entities and business processes across Dynamics 365 as well as theCommon Data Service. All of this can increase your true value and also save a lot of time for your organization.

Beginning in November 2019, we are also introducing Microsoft Power Virtual Agents training courses (formerly Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service training) as part of our Power Platform training curriculum. We are up to speed on the latest changes – let us teach you how to make the most of these new changes to increase your profits and boost productivity now.

You can reap the benefits of Power Automate and Power Platform, whether you are an application developer shop, an ISV partner, a custom integrator, or whether you are in retail, manufacturing, or any other industry – Power Automate and Power Platform is a big benefit for you in the modern era – let us teach you how to make the most of it and what you need to do to reap the benefits!

Microsoft Power Automate Training November 2019 January 2020 and beyond.
Microsoft Power Automate Training November 2019 January 2020 and beyond.