Power Apps and Dynamics 365 Portals – Customize and Manage (CRM Portals) – Unified Interface

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Power Apps and Dynamics 365 Portals – Customize and Manage (CRM Portals) – Unified Interface

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Dynamics 365 and PowerApps Portal Custom Training Course

Jump-start your skills and expertise with this portal training. Gain the knowledge to design, create and add a Power Portals to your Online systems. Discover how powerful and flexible it can be in helping your organization become more efficient.

A suggested Portals; a public-facing Customer Service Portal to manage Customers with interactive surveys through custom Web Forms that populate the results directly into your environment.

Choose from Portals to manage Vendors, Employees or a Custom one tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

In this hands-on rich custom training course, you will should expect in-class, direct live experience working with at least all of the following:


  • 1. Provision a Power Apps or Dynamics 365 Portal
  • 2. Set the Title, URL and Modifying a Portal’s Content
  • 3. Create a Form, Page and Template
  • 4. Modifying a Portal’s Colors and Themes
  • 5. Reusing Content across the Portal
  • 6 and 7 : Personalizing a Portal and Understanding its Structure
  • 8. Secure your Portals with Roles and Page Access Control

Hands-on Custom Lab:

How to Modify an Existing Portal Page’s Content Immediately

Knowing where to go in to change the content, page title and header text.

Hands-on Custom Lab:

  • How to create a new Portals Page and add it to the Navigation.
  • Add a New Web Page
  • Create content to the New Web page from Dynamics 365
  • Add the new page to the Portal Site Navigation in the correct order.

Hands-on Custom Lab:

Understanding the Portal Web Page Structure

  • Web Pages – Page Templates – Web Templates – Content Snippets
  • Page Templates and Web Templates – how they are connected.
  • How to add and edit specific Liquid tags and understanding the Liquid templating language as specifically related to Portals.
  • Learn the parts of your Portals site page corresponds to what specific Web Template.
  • Find out how Liquid Tags correspond to what rendered parts of the Portal site pages, and how to make modifications and additions.
  • Understanding the Header and Footer and Content Snippets

Hands-on Custom Lab:

  • Deeply Dive on Portal Elements and Modifications
  • Modifying the Content of the Editable Block for a custom page.
  • Changing a Web Template’s Content
  • Understanding a little-known feature to make your life easier working with Portals and refreshing its content almost instantly.
  • Web Roles – what they do – and how to assign them to Portal users.
  • Understanding why Portals may not be accepting your layout changes on specific pages, and how you can be certain your changes are accepted on those pages.
  • Changing;
    • a Web template for a Web Page.
    • the Header Web Template
    • the Footer Web Template
    • an Editable Content Snippet
    • what comes before an Editable Content Snippet

Hands-on Custom Labs:

  • Understanding Entity Lists in Portals
  • How Simplified Embedded Portal Content Editor” Empowers Users with the proper permissions (such as users with the “Web Role” of “Administrators”) To More Easily Edit Content Directly in the Portal Website
  • Creating Portal Entity Forms
  • Using Liquid Variables and Liquid Control Flow (if / elsif / else condition) to make an Entity Form only show up on a specific Web Page
  • Understanding and Adding Web Forms
  • Secure your Portals with Roles and Page Access Control

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