MO-101 Word 2019 Expert Certification Course For experienced user prepping for Certification. Includes 1 Test Voucher.

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MO-101 Word 2019 Expert Certification Course For experienced user prepping for Certification. Includes 1 Test Voucher.

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MO-101: Microsoft Word 2019 Expert – Skills Measured Certification Course

Versions 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365, & Online are also available

Course Outline 

Manage document options and settings (20-25%)

Manage documents and templates

  • modify existing document templates
  • manage document versions
  • compare and combine multiple documents
  • link to external document content
  • enable macros in a document
  • customize the Quick Access toolbar
  • display hidden ribbon tabs
  • change the Normal template default font

Prepare documents for collaboration

  • restrict editing
  • protect documents by using passwords

Use and configure language options

  • configure editing and display languages
  • use language-specific features

Advanced editing and formatting features (25-30%)

Find, replace, and paste document content

  • find and replace text by using wildcards and special characters
  • find and replace formatting and styles
  • apply Paste options

Configure paragraph layout options

  • configure hyphenation and line numbers
  • set paragraph pagination options

Create and manage styles

  • create paragraph and character styles
  • modify existing styles
  • copy styles to other documents or templates

Create custom document elements (25-30%)

Create and modify building blocks

  • create QuickParts
  • manage building blocks

Create custom design elements

  • create custom color sets
  • create custom font sets
  • create custom themes
  • create custom style sets

Create and manage indexes

  • mark index entries
  • create indexes
  • update indexes

Create and manage tables of figures

  • insert figure and table captions
  • configure caption properties
  • insert and modify a table of figures

Use advanced Word features (20-25%)

Manage forms, fields, and controls

  • add custom fields
  • modify field properties
  • insert standard content controls
  • configure standard content controls

Create and modify macros

  • record simple macros
  • name simple macros
  • edit simple macros
  • copy macros to other documents or templates

Perform mail merges

  • manage recipient lists
  • insert merged fields
  • preview merge results
  • create merged documents, labels, and envelopes

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