970011: Enterprise Power BI for Business Analysts & Executives

Course 970011

970011: Enterprise Power BI for Business Analysts & Executives

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Enterprise Power BI for Business Analysts & Executives 970011

Course Description Enterprise Power BI

Your organization needs real-time insights and Enterprise Power BI is the solution.

Business Analysts monitor your business or agencies data and get answers quickly. Today’s businesses needs real-time data for decision making.  Create rich dashboards available on every device to inform with real-time information. Work with a variety of sample data from a simple Excel Spreadsheet to SQL Server databases hosted in Azure and complete hands-on labs with Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service.

Workshop Details

Day 1-Immerse yourself in Power BI! Start the week with the core Power BI process of getting data, modeling or cleaning-up the data and then loading into Power BI Desktop to make reports and then publish elegant Dashboards in Power BI Online.

Day 2-Walk through Power BI capabilities to enhance the data model for your business users. Create a great data model to meet your business needs. Learn the various features in Power BI to enhance the data model to build great reports. This includes using DAX to create calculations.

Day 3-Now that the data is optimized, let’s dive into storytelling with Power BI report layouts and structuring the data visualizations. Learn the art behind visualizations, implications behind choosing the right charts, the impact of color, shape and size, and finally the use of Power BI custom visuals.

Day 4-Workshop focused building data models and visualizations for your organizations data. Work with our Power BI experts to develop custom dashboards to utilize immediately.

Course Outline Enterprise Power BI

Module 1: Loading the Data

  • Getting the Data
  • Loading Data from files
  • Adding Additional Data

Module 2: Preparing the Data

  • Renaming Tables and Columns
  • Fill, Split, Add/Remove Rows
  • Transpose, Append, and Conditional Columns

Module 3: Modeling the Data

  • Data Relationships Designer
  • Fields and Groups
  • Analyzing Data by Dimension

Module 4: Exploring the Data

  • Deeper Data Dimension Analysis
  • Data and Category Hierarchies
  • Drilling up and down the Data Segments for insights

Module 5: Visualizing the Data

  • Designing the Report
  • Linking the Data set to the Report
  • Themes and Visual Data Elements

Module 6: Publishing the Report

  • Signing up for a Power BI Account
  • Workspaces, Reports, Workbooks and Datasets
  • Publishing your report to the Power BI Service

Module 7: Building the Dashboard

  • Pinning the Visuals
  • Selecting the Tiles
  • Enable Filtering for Insights

Module 8: Sharing the Dashboard

  • Sharing with colleagues
  • Marking Dashboards as Favorites
  • Setting a Dashboard as Featured

Module 9: Data Modeling Basics & Power DI Desktops Internals

  • Learn the consequences of data model design decisions
  • Know Power BI’s data storage architecture and use this knowledge to optimize performance
  • Learn consequences of Power BI’s data type handling

Module 10: Data Modeling Best Practices

  • Understand query folding
  • Re-emphasize learnings of data compression techniques
  • Re-emphasize the use of relationships

Module 11: CALCULATE Formulas

  • Understand the basics of the CALCULATE formula

Module 12: DAX Evaluation Contexts

  • Understand that there are different kinds of evaluation contexts and be able to explain what different contexts are in play
  • Use iterator functions and CALCULATE to create sophisticated measures

Module 13: Data Modeling – Time Intelligence Functions

  • Be able to parse advanced DAX formulas (e.g., cumulative functions)
  • Gain familiarity with standard DAX patterns
  • Introduction to resources for further learning

Module 14: DAX Best Practices

  • Emphasize importance of writing efficient DAX measure

Module 15: What is Story Telling with Data

  • Using Examples & Scenarios

Module 16: Science Behind Data Visualization

  • Iconic Memory
  • Short Term Memory
  • Long Term Memory

Module 17: Process Behind Data Visualization

  • Data Structure & Data Grain
  • Convert the Story to a Data Model

Module 18: Dashboards & Reports

  • Terminology & Definitions
  • Data Sets & Reports

Dashboards – Layout & Structure

  • Dashboards Layouts – Column Layout
  • Vertical Matrix Layout
  • Horizontal Matrix

Reports – Layout & Structure

  • Use Storyboarding to Design Report Layout
  • Storyboarding Tools
  • Report Channel – Bookmarks and Toggles
  • Create Custom Tooltip Report Slices vs Filters

Module 19: Chart Selection

  • Choosing the Right Charts for the Right Purpose
  • Column Charts for Comparison
  • Column Charts vs Bar Chart for Comparison
  • Line, Area, and Stacked Charts
  • Constructing Effective Tree Maps, Pie charts, Tables & Effective Pie Charts
  • Constructing Effective Cards, Slices and Scatter charts

Module 20: Custom Visuals

  • Power BI Customizations
  • Custom Slicers
  • Pin a Live Reports Page as a Dashboard

Module 21: Polishing & Formatting

  • Colors, Theme’s, Fonts
  • Using Icons, Dashboard Tile Art and Symbols
  • Using KPS with Bar Charts
  • Report Layout “Hacks”
  • Spark Lines
  • Hyperlinks and Images
  • Report Accessibility

Module 22: Report Authoring – Best Practices

  • Report Optimization
  • Performance Analyzer
  • Filters vs Sparklines

Module 23: Dashboard Design

  • Tips

Workshop Session

Workshop focused building data models and visualizations for your organizations data. Work with our Power BI experts to develop custom dashboards to utilize immediately.

Attendees will move from the training environment and using sample data to connecting to your real data, using the application process to track data modeling, and build reports, dashboards and more from topics covered in class.

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